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Topic: Success Stories

CFS/FM patient Bobbie Brown used many coping techniques to increase her functional level significantly.

Dean Anderson's account of how he used self-help in his successful eight-year struggle to recover from CFIDS.

By focusing on the many practical things she could do to feel better, fibromyalgia patient Jana Murrell-Maxfield made a successful adaptation to long-term illness.

Patti Schmidt explains how she worked through grief to learn how to live with her illness.

A personal story of how one person used pacing, exercise and support to improve from 10% of normal to 50% and beyond.

After many failures, one person finds a successful approach to exercise using two simple principles.

Kristin Scherger describes how she was able to expand her energy envelope by changing careers.

How Bianca Veness learned to manage her CFS by listening to her body.

Yvonne Bond's account of how her decision to stop working led to a new and better life.

How Bianca Veness gained control of her life by living within her limits.

Joan Buchman's account of how lifestyle changes and mental adjustments led to a fulfilling life with chronic illness.

Geraldine Blackman describes how her use of pacing brought structure and purpose to her life.

Bianca Veness's seven pacing strategies.

Getting a diagnosis of FM after more than two decades of suffering triggered a process of change in Denise Le Clair that produced a greatly improved quality of life.

How experimentation and record keeping were keys to dramatic improvement.

FM patient Kathy Gamble describes the many strategies she uses to create a good life with fibromyalgia.

JoWynn Johns describes how she reduced her symptoms and brought stability to her life by finding and honoring her body's limits.

How a simple pacing strategy allowed Vicki Lockwood to reduce her symptoms and gain control of her life.

How CFS patient Margaret Fergusson increased her functional level from 15% to 70%.

Elena improved from 25% to 80% by taking a series of small steps.

Controlling stress was a central part of one person's improvement from 30% to 60%.

It took three tries, but Rosemary Rowlands learned to use pacing to gain stability, reduce her symptoms and expand her activity level.

How James Thomas used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Bruce Campbell's story, reprinted from the CFIDS Chronicle.

For JoWynn Johns, recovery meant creating a different kind of life than she had before becoming ill.